JENNY | Herbst/Winterkampagne 2020 - JENNY
Jil Sander Herbst-/Winterkampagne 2020 - JENNY
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MARCH 2023

Los Angeles, California: a symbol and a kaleidoscope. A mirror of our time. For Lucie and Luke Meier a place to explore, a source of inspiration.

A new world, progressive in thought and freedoms, dreamlike and real, bursting with chances and possibilities. Extensive. Nature, cultures, diversity, landscape, architecture, hills, and an endless plain. Palms and intersections.

To capture this idea, the inextricable mix of these spaces, their artistic representation, and their new collections – we cannot see or think L.A. without imagining films, paintings, photographs, actors, artists, and characters – they have asked their trusted collaborator, British photographer Chris Rhodes, to document their new collections there.

Rhodes has concentrated his gaze on things that are so obvious that we risk not to see them – the depth of the trivial. Tranquil and vast. To suggest L.A. and California rather than openly show them.

A series of images that are as intimate as graphic and urbane, and natural. They witness Lucie and Luke Meier’s search for a balance among elements that are usually considered opposites, playing with the archetypes of womenswear and menswear, fusing glitz and function, day and night, workwear, craftsmanship, and innovative techniques, to create the space of freedom we all need; what we want to be, the way we want to be.