JENNY | Herbst/Winterkampagne 2020 - JENNY
Jil Sander Herbst-/Winterkampagne 2020 - JENNY
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To capture this new story, Lucie and Luke Meier have collaborated with Chris Rhodes, an accomplished photographer they have developed a close relationship with through the projects they have created together. Following their ongoing journeys through urban and natural spaces in search of resonances between the environment and their vision, the balance of background and figures, of what it means to be here and now, Lucie and Luke asked him to interpret their latest work choosing Paris as an allegory for all cities.


Curiosity, trust, honesty, intimacy, carefulness, touch; these values all run in the veins of Jil Sander as they subtly do in a sequence of images that knowingly capture the aesthetic of Lucie and Luke Meier with delicate exactitude. “The most satisfying aspect of these campaign-projects is working closely with the authors and our team”, say Lucie and Luke. “Travelling, improvising, finding new dimensions in what we do. It is important to see the things you do in the world. And we are extremely happy of the affinity that bonds Chris and us together, and the way he expands the borders of our vision in the work we do together”.


The campaign is a new chapter in an ongoing collaborative project for Jil Sander that Lucie and Luke have initiated, and will be published into a book.